We are obsessed with pain and sorrow

So much so that as soon as the sun starts to shine

We create our own majestic rain and thunder

We are happiest when the sky is falling

A happy day is a day full of salty tears

And broken promises shattered by a fallen hero

And failure that is latched on to by those filled with talent

We create our happiness in hollow filled no

I fail to see a day full of beautifully spoken happy

I fail to hear a song so lovely that is doesn’t make you cry

It makes you smile, it makes you laugh

I fail to lie awake and breathe worry less thoughts

In all honesty we have to start admitting

We aren’t happy when surrounded by unavoidable

Childish giggles and random silly guesses about the universe

We aren’t happy by the pure sight of a strongly grown daffodil

We are happy when our tears fall to the ground

When our hearts break at the sight of love

In reality, we don’t know what “happy” is

We only know how to express and “feel”

I’ll tell you what “happy” is to me

Happy is a simple walk around the park

The first laugh of a new born baby

Happy is the smile you are afraid to break


Catastrophic Influenza


That temporary influenza

That reaches up into

The river flowing head

Running out of the windows

Of your ever so shattered soul


The everlasting migraine

That continues on for what

Seems like an endless

Shadow of your anguish

Throbbing out all the doubt


A hiccup full of determined

Inhales continueing the duel

To stay hidden hold your

Cracked illusion of Okay

I’m okay, fine.


Only in your most horrid dreams

May you screech and claw

And beg for mercy

At the symbol of your

Catastrophic existence