“Ladies, stop the juice cleanse!”



An article popped up on my Facebook called, “Ladies, stop the juice cleanse!” I thought that maybe this article was about loving your body and eating a healthy well balanced diet… I clicked on it, and well…I was wrong. I start reading, and it is about 2 different types of diet pills put together to ‘amazingly make you drop 11 pounds in one month!’ And in the inspirational part of the article about starving yourself, the writer said, ‘and in just one week I felt like I had so much more energy and I wasn’t even HUNGRY’!!!

This is horrifying and disgusting, and it makes me wonder who else sees these promotions on their Facebook. And it makes me sad to think about all of the people who desperately want to be thin, skinny, fit, ect.

It is really hard for a lot of people to look in the mirror and see themselves as beautiful. I was looking at the before and after photos on these woman, and what I saw was woman go from beautiful and healthy to anorexic and devastating. Those girls were never overweight. I am overweight.

Even though I am overweight, I am still beautiful. And I am so sick of the media, and articles, and just every day people telling me that my body isn’t good enough. Yes. I do plan to lose weight because I want to be healthy, but I plan to do it by portioning my food correctly and working on my sugar intake as well as being more active. I do not plan to starve myself, or eliminate anything from my diet completely. I do not plan to hate myself until I reach my goal weight.

In high school I struggled with an eating disorder to the point where when I did eat, I couldn’t keep my food down. I got down to 140 pounds, and when people looked at me, they still fat shamed me. They encouraged me to get smaller. But then when it came time to eat and I refused, people would get angry with me. I was so sad.

I know from experience that starving yourself doesn’t work. Because when I started eating again, I blew up. I am not going to hate myself for that. I am happy, I am beautiful and I love myself. I will get in shape, but I will do it on my time, I don’t need to lose 11 pounds in one month.  And I will enjoy losing weight, because I am going to be HEALTHY. No starving for this girl. NO way NO how.




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